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Suggestions For Starting Mobile Suit Gundam


For the last few months I’ve been watching a ton of Mobile Suit Gundam anime, and I think I’ve reached a point where I can at least put down a small collection of tips for anyone else thinking about getting into it or just taking a glance at it.

Mainly I’ve been watching different parts of the “Universal Century” Gundam shows, which if you don’t know form the main timeline around which the franchise was originally started. There are other shows taking place in their own continuities. I think this guide from Anime News Network is a good glance at the entire franchise, but it’s slightly outdated since a few more UC properties have come out since it was published, and I want to go over those a little bit. Continue reading

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Star Wars And The Nostalgia-Based Films



Coming out of The Force Awakens I decided to put down not a review, but a post laying out whether or not the movie is anything more than a nostalgia bomb. I laid out my fears previously, and honestly, a few hours after the fact, I’m still not sure it did enough to escape that fate.

A lot of people might say a pure fan service nostalgia bomb is what the audience needs, but I for one walked into a new Star Wars movie to see the universe taken to new places. To be frank, Force Awakens mostly felt like a setup for what could be interesting new places in the next two movies. If you’ve already read some of the reviews, a lot of them seem to criticize it for being a bit too much like A New Hope. Continue reading

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Hopes And Fears For The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force AwakensPh: Film Frame©Lucasfilm 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Film Frame©Lucasfilm 2015

Since literally everybody is talking about The Force Awakens in the run up to its launch I guess I should put down something about it. I never really wanted to because I don’t consider myself a good judge of films — I don’t watch enough of them, but watching Star Wars A New Hope again reminded me of some things. Specifically, it reminded me of what was appealing about Star Wars in the first place and what I hope Force Awakens doesn’t forget. All the hype and trailers have me optimistic I’ll get an enjoyable movie, but still cautious wondering what we’ll get beyond that.

Basically, I have two main fears concerning Force Awakens: 1) That it will spend too much time reminiscing about the original trilogy. 2) That it will end up feeling like just another blockbuster movie simply calling itself Star Wars, even if it ends up being an okay one or a pretty good one. Continue reading

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Why I Prefer GameFly’s Movie Rental Service


It’s been a couple weeks since GameFly started renting out movies but I guess I should go ahead and talk about it since I intend to use the new service a lot. In a time when I’m unsure how to rent movies anymore, the service I’m already subscribed to offers what almost feels like a godsend.

If you don’t know, GameFly started offering DVDs and Blu-Rays at the beginning of April, and it looks like a pretty generous service. It adds no extra cost on top of the existing game rental service and movies are available with no delay from their retail release. So basically we now have a robust mail-in service for renting both movies and video games.

I loved Netflix back when it was known as a movie mail-in service. For just $8 a month I rented movies at a pretty rapid pace. I got so used to it that I really felt the damage when Netflix agreed to delay new movies for 30 days. When Netflix upped the price by separating the streaming (which it sees as the future now) and mail services and other companies started rolling out pay-per-rental plans I realized producers had decided Netflix’s model was too generous. The only reason it got off the ground in the first place is because everybody thought it was crazy in the beginning.

I could never get comfortable with paying $5 to rent one movie for a few days when for just $3 more I could get a whole month of Netflix. I know the $5 is basically identical to the old Blockbuster system, just digital, but I felt like Netflix was a step forward. Redbox also feels like part of the old system because it has late feels. Basically, I feel like the film industry has forced the rental business to take a step back for the sake of profits.

GameFly movie rentals seem like a return to the old Netflix system, just for a higher price that includes video games. I’m already using it to catch up on last year’s Oscars, and it seems like I’ll be catching up and keeping up with much more this year because of the service.

For some reason, at the end of the month GameFly is gonna get a ton of anime, including basically every Studio Ghibli movie that’s currently out on Blu-Ray in North America. I’ve been holding off on watching most Ghibli movies until I can get them on Blu-Ray, so GameFly is about to save me a ton of money as I will likely spend the summer on some kind of Ghibli/Miyazaki odyssey. Eventually I’ll probably end up buying some of these movies.

I think the reason GameFly is able to do this when Netflix can’t is 1) Netflix is mostly a streaming service these days where GameFly is still about mail, 2) GameFly’s price is a bit higher than Netflix’s, and 3) Producers probably don’t pay as much attention to GameFly. I wonder if this might increase GameFly’s appeal to the point where it does catch some more attention.

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