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What Nvidia’s Ampere Reveal Means For Next-Gen Gaming

Nvidia just rolled the curtain back on its new line of PC graphics processors — the RTX 30 series, and predictably there’s already talk about whether they’re more exciting than the upcoming next-generation consoles — Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Personally I think it all has to do with timing, and which one is best will depend on each individual person’s situation. There are also some very important cards that still aren’t on the table yet.

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Smart Delivery Was Supposed To Make Cross-Gen Games Simple

When Microsoft initially unveiled its “Smart Delivery” feature by which cross-generation games would get you the Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions with one purchase, it was immediately speculated upon as to which game publishers would actually follow through with this. A few months later it seems some of the biggest blockbuster games have started to complicate the whole process.

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Black Myth: Wu Kong is the Latest Sign of Rising Asian Video Games

This week the announcement and gameplay trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong came out of nowhere and seems to have taken everybody by surprise. It’s one of the most visually-impressive in-development games we’ve seen so far, and it’s a sign that Chinese video games may be reaching a new level. If you’ve been paying attention, better and better games from various Asian countries have been popping up over the last several years.

When most people think of Chinese games they probably think of free-to-play games on PC and mobile phones. While that has probably been most of the country’s output, as it’s been the quickest way to make money in gaming, there does seem to have been a small crop of premium singleplayer games coming out of the sinosphere for a surprisingly long time.

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Could Price And Launch Lineup Blunt The Next-Gen Console Launches?

There are going to be more announcements from both Sony and Microsoft between now and when their new consoles launch this holiday, but based on recent announcements and speculations, I’m tempted to say they’ve essentially conceded to a soft-launch for next gen. I’ve suggested as much before, but the more we learn the more it looks that way.

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PlayStation August 2020 State of Play: What Lies Between Now And Next-Gen

As soon as Sony announced its most recent State of Play presentation which it used to show off some indie and third party games this week, it immediately tried to temper expectations. If you take a step back and look at what was actually on display though, there’s actually a lot to be interested in between now and the holiday season depending on what you’re into. Personally, a lot of these are games I’d be hyped about if it wasn’t for some small issue or another I have with each of them.

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Microsoft’s New First-Party Games And The Cross-Gen Transition

With the launch lineups for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pretty much laid out (not exact lineups and dates, but we have a good idea of what’ll be there this holiday), it’s looking more and more like each of them will have a soft launch of sorts. Most of the heavy hitters at Sony’s and Microsoft’s presentations are probably going to be coming out throughout 2021 and 2022. The “launch period” this time around looks like it’s going to be a year plus. Taking that in mind, right now it looks like Microsoft’s upcoming first-party stuff might not match up too badly against Sony’s

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Just What Kind of Game Is Cyberpunk 2077 Going To Be?

CDProjekt RED this week showed off Cyberpunk 2077 at length for the first time in months in its first “Nicht City Wire” stream with more to come later this year before the game launches in November. A bunch of previews from different websites followed it this week, and after taking it all in I feel like I’m only just now getting a somewhat coherent picture of what it’s actually going to feel like to play the game.

There’s so much mystery surrounding Cyberpunk because it’s a kind of game CDPR has never done before — first-person and futuristic, and because surprisingly few games have really put players in open-world cyberpunk settings. All the previews I’ve read seem to be trying to figure out where this game is going to fall on the venn diagram between Grand Theft Auto V’s urban action, the cyberpunk themes and stealth gameplay of Deus Ex, and the role-playing options of a game like Fallout New Vegas.

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Sony Showed Us The 2021 Next-Gen Transition Is Real

The central message I got from Sony’s PlayStation 5 unveiling this week is that the system — and really the next console generation since most of the games they showed will also be on Xbox Series X and PC, will have a strong first year in 2021. If you’re a big fan of Sony’s first party stable, the PS5 already looks good right off the bat.

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A 60fps Mandate Will Never Happen


I’m a bit surprised at how much anger I’m seeing over Assassin’s Creed Valhalla possibly running at only 30 frames per second on the Xbox Series X. I only recently realized part of it was because Microsoft sort of promised a standard of 60fps for Series X games. Whatever you think that promise may have actually been, such a thing was never possible. Continue reading

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Inside Xbox May 2020: A Cross-Generation Opener


Microsoft this week gave us what was supposed to be the first real collection of footage from multiple games running on actual next-generation console hardware. For obvious reasons this isn’t like an E3 press conference media blowout. If anything it’s just another step in what has been a slow drip feed PR cycle for both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

The main point of the latest Inside Xbox livestream is that we got gameplay footage from third-party games like Madden 21Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2Dirt 5, and Bright Memory, but the scope of the presentation really just meant we got quick-cut trailers that showed off the graphics engines and what they might look like on Xbox Series X. We’re not gonna get “real gameplay” until we can somehow see lengthy uninterrupted reels of people playing these games through a normal gameplay camera perspective. Normally that would’ve been on an E3 showfloor but with COVID-19 that might end up coming from later events from Microsoft, Sony, or the individual publishers. I think Electronic Arts’ EA Play around what would’ve been E3 is the biggest one we know of right now. Continue reading

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