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20 Years Of GoldenEye and FPS Mission Design


The 20th anniversary of GoldenEye 007 for the N64 completely passed me by last month. This week is the 20th anniversary of the North American release of Final Fantasy VII but I’ve still never actually played that game beyond the first few hours, so I’m just gonna finally write about GoldenEye.

I imagine everyone else who wrote about GoldenEye a couple weeks ago went on about how everyone around them played it in 1997, how it was the first major console first person shooter, and how its competitive multiplayer was a main pillar of gaming at the time. All that is true, but I also like pointing out how influential GoldenEye’s story campaign may have been for certain kinds of first person action games. Continue reading

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Zelda Breath of the Wild is a Case Study in Game Tutorials


You know what else The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets right that so many other open-world games miss? The tutorial.

I’ve heard very little mention of how the game’s initial area: The Great Plateau, does such a great job of being a thick tutorial without actually feeling like a tutorial. It’s worth comparing it to how a lot of other modern games, particularly open-world games. Continue reading

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Third Party N64 Games That Didn’t Suck Vol. 4: Bomberman Hero


Vol. 1: Beetle Adventure Racing
Vol. 2: Winback Covert Operations
Vol. 3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Originally written in October 2009.

I always felt like Bomberman Hero never quite got a fair shake. Maybe part of it was me scraping the barrel for good Nintendo 64 games to play back in the day. I understand it went counter to why a lot of people played Bomberman, but I still saw it as an enjoyable game on its own merits. Continue reading

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Nintendo 64: Living With The Underdog


The first time I walked into an AAFES Sight & Sound that had a Nintendo 64 kiosk with Super Mario 64, I took one look at the game and one look at the analog stick which I had never seen before, and immediately understood why it was there. That is the level to which Nintendo, when it launched the N64 with that game, had shifted people’s perception of playing video games. Continue reading

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Super Mario 64 After 20 Years


The original Quake turns 20 today and everybody’s celebrating that. I do want to write something about that but I’m still trying to figure out those plans. However, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese release of Super Mario 64 — another of the originators of modern 3D video games that emerged in the mid 90’s. Of course that would also mean it’s the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 itself, but I think I’m just gonna wait until the US release anniversary which I believe is in September. Continue reading

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Video Game Anniversaries That Will Occur in 2016

Here it is — the list of what gaming-related anniversaries I found are taking place in 2016. This year is a big one too. A lot of major franchises are celebrating major anniversaries, to the point where some other websites have already taken notice. Red Bull in particular is totally on it. Many publishers of these major games have already begun to mark the anniversaries with new game releases too.

Part of this is because 2016 marks a major anniversary for at least two past console cycle transitions. This year it will have been 15 years since 2001, which was not only when the Gamecuube and original Xbox launched, but also when the PS2 received an absolutely monstrous lineup that included the beginnings of some franchises and major entries in others. 20 years ago was 1996 which was a transformative year in 3D video game design — three of the most influential 3D games came out that year. 1991, 1986, and 1981 also saw some major beginnings and landmarks a lot of people might not notice today. Continue reading

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Indie Game Radar: Banned Memories


On this blog I’ve repeatedly talked about my affinity for a certain era of 3D graphics, specifically the flat-shaded textureless kind you might see in SEGA Model 1 games like the original Virtua Fighter and are being revived in games like Sky Rogue. There seems to at least be a nascent movement of low-polygon video game art emerging and it may be moving through certain phases so to speak.

Following the popularity of the “Minecraft look” and other low-poly art, I’ve started to see some projects show up that are intentionally trying to look like games made for the original PlayStation. The idea is similar to how Shovel Knight and Oniken specifically want to look like NES games rather than simply “8-bit.” I think the project Back in 1995 is fairly well-known, but I only just heard about Banned Memories and decided to check out the currently public alpha demo. So far I’ve only seen it mentioned by destructoid, Kill Screen, and a bunch of YouTubers. Continue reading

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Third Party N64 Games That Didn’t suck Vol. 3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron



Vol. 1: Beetle Adventure Racing
Vol. 2: Winback Covert Operations

Foreword (2015)

Originally this wasn’t part three of the series, but GOG took me by surprise with its recent re-release of the PC version of this game. What’s strange is a lot of people on the PC side weren’t aware of the N64 version, and vice versa. I don’t even know what differences, if any, exist between the two.

Anyway, this is a re-edit of my look back at the game both for fans and people not familiar with it at all who are wondering if it’s worth the $6 on GOG. Continue reading

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3rd party N64 Games That Didn’t Suck Volume 1: Beetle Adventure Racing!

Nintendo 64 Beetle Adventure Racing Front Cover

Okay hold up…

I originally wrote this and published it on 1up in 2009. You may have seen a link to that post in the “N64TPEDS” section that’s gone now. 1up (or at least 1up’s original links) is starting to disappear, so I said I’d one day re-post this series (along with another one) here on WordPress.

I don’t think this is going to be a regularly scheduled thing though. I’m just putting this up now because I honestly couldn’t figure out anything I could write an interesting blog about today. You’ll see the other volumes show up on such days in the future and who knows, if I ever have time to play some more N64 games I could definitely add new entries to the series. Continue reading

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