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Who Will Actually Play The Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo this week finally revealed its next video game platform — Nintendo Switch, and it’s pretty much confirmed all the main points people had speculated and leaked about it for months,  and really, years. It’s a console you can take with you, it’s a handheld you can  connect to your TV.

Because of this, the speculative blog posts I’ve made in the past based on those rumors pretty much still hold. Check out the ones I wrote this past August. It’s certainly an interesting prospect to have the same library of games on the go and at home. My chief concern remains however: who is going to buy this thing, and who is going to make games for it? Continue reading

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Did Multiplatform Releases Hurt Handhelds?


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Whenever the conversation about traditional handheld game systems comes up these days you seem to either have a lifestyle that suits handhelds or you don’t. It’s driven a rift between people who miss the days of the Game Boy Advance or the original DS and those who could care less about them and would always rather play on a console or PC. The funny thing with me is, I’m probably in the latter camp right now but used to spend much more time with handheld games. Just what is it that makes (or made) traditional handhelds appealing anyway?

The easy answer is portability, and for a lot of people it’s probably the best answer. Some people might commute a lot (in vehicles they themselves don’t drive) or spend a lot of free time away from a console or PC. However, looking back makes me think games that were exclusive to handhelds were just as important as their defining portability. Continue reading

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Who’s Actually Going To Play The NX?

A little under a month ago Ubisoft was quoted as saying it believed Nintendo’s project NX was going to bring back the Wii audience. Last week another source assumed Nintendo was trying to “upgrade the smartphone audience.” Most people who follow the industry probably think that’s a long shot, but what are Nintendo’s actual advantages and disadvantages here?

Continue reading

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Is Nintendo Conceding To The Tablet Living Room Reality?


When Eurogamer and other publications recently broke all those new details about Nintendo’s project NX, I said in a bullets section last week that I wouldn’t retread the same talking points I’d brought up in every post speculating about NX. The truth is these new, strongly-supported rumors, pretty much back up what I’d been thinking about the future direction of Nintendo hardware. If all this is true though and NX is a console-tablet hybrid, then it’s made me realize Nintendo has realized mobile devices are the future of the living room — they’ve done what game consoles were originally supposed to do. Continue reading

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[E3 2016] How Will Iterative Consoles Change Market Share?

2016-06-13 (2)

As long as there have been rumors of the amount of horsepower Microsoft’s Project Scorpio boasts, I’ve seen interpretations that it is a response to the power gap that exists between the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. This sentiment seems to have intensified since Microsoft pretty much confirmed everything about Scorpio at E3. I’m not completely sure if addressing that power discrepancy is actually going to solve all Microsoft’s problems. Furthermore, if console manufacturers move towards the iterative upgrade model Scorpio is trying to initiate, then it might change the way market share shifts in the console industry. Continue reading

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Wii U In 2016: Catching Up To A Console On Its Deathbed


After Nintendo’s most recent financial announcements basically confirmed 2016 to be a lame duck final year for the lame duck of a console the Wii U has become, I went over how the 3DS is Nintendo’s only chance to salvage the year. I’m also however mulling over my decision to buy a Wii U back around February (?) and how I’m going to spend probably my only significant year with the console. Continue reading

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The 3DS’s Surprisingly Strong 2016 Lineup


Emotions among Nintendo fans are running high coming off the announcements from the company’s financial meeting this week. One thing in particular caught me off-guard though: how much Nintendo seems to be propping up the 3DS with software this year. Last year I think I predicted something like 2015 would be the last significant year of the 3DS. Good God was I wrong. Continue reading

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What Can Nintendo NX Really Offer For PC Players?


Rumors and other information on Nintendo’s next hardware cycle appear to be heating up, all pointing to the transition happening this year on in both the living room and in consumers’ pockets. A question that always arises is: what can Nintendo do to keep you specifically, interested in its hardware?

The answers are pretty straightforward if you’re the kind of person still heavily invested in consoles, whether they be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Nintendo has always needed to pretty much do what any console manufacturer needs to do: sell valuable, reliable hardware with support from lots of developers. These days that also includes offering a reliable and fully-featured operating system along with smooth online gaming. Maybe most people have already accepted the idea of Nintendo hardware only being worthwhile for Nintendo’s own games, but discussions about Nintendo plausibly regaining third party support and thus multiplatform games remain heated to this day. A Nintendo console becoming the primary platform for anyone who currently owns a PlayStation or Xbox is probably a pipe dream for the near future, but people still wonder about it. What caught me off guard recently is that this is the first time I’ve had to ask myself “what does Nintendo need to do for me?” since mainly switching over to PC gaming. Continue reading

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What An Android-Based Nintendo Platform Actually Implies

Edit: Well here’s the straight-up denial I expected Nintend to hand down. This rumor didn’t even last a day.

I haven’t looked around much for reactions to this, but I imagine the recent rumors from a Nikkei source (usually reliable) suggesting Nintendo’s project NX — its next platform, will be based on Android have gotten some explosive reactions. Many of the reactions I have seen though have grossly overreacted based on a huge misunderstanding about what Android actually is and what this all might mean for Nintendo’s next platform if Nikkei is right.

The word “Android” of course brings up visions of mobile games and possibly all the different Android TV boxes that have come and gone. Based on what Android is mostly used for it’s easy to imagine this as another step towards mobile gaming or underpowered hardware for Nintendo. The Nikkei story however has nothing to do with the hardware of project NX. An operating system doesn’t actually have any bearing on hardware. Let me go ahead and put this in bold and on the front page so no one who reads this get’s confused: Android is an operating system, nothing more. Different companies can and have customized it to their own purposes. Continue reading

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