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RetroArch And Emulation On Steam


In case you haven’t heard, RetroArch is coming to steam at the end of this month. I still can’t entirely believe it — game emulation right there on Steam. It’s kind of a big deal, but apparently it’s also not entirely unprecedented. Continue reading

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Multiplatform Gaming Is Coming Down To Switch or PC



Lumines Remastered probably couldn’t have come out at a better time for me — going live less than 24 hours before I had to take a road trip. You might be thinking I bought the game on the Nintendo Switch, but right now basically all my purchases of multiplatform games are still going to PC. Still, every single new release starts a new internal struggle the likes of which I’ve never really experienced before. Continue reading

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The Only 5 Good Reasons To Choose Console Gaming Over PC


A few interesting announcements have come about in PC gaming this week. Namco announced two of its upcoming games which previously bolstered the PS4’s library of exclusives in my view — Ni No Kuni II and Ace Combat 7, are now headed to PC. A smaller announcement of interest is that MSI at CES announced an upgraded version of its Trident PC-in-a-console-box. I think this is as good a time as any to try to sort through the reasons a lot of people still pick console gaming over PC gaming despite how much the differences between the two sides of gaming have shifted in recent years.

I’m not really writing this to say console gamers are wrong or that PC is objectively better. What I want to lay out is that there are legitimate reasons to choose a console as your primary platform over PC, and then there are outright myths made of a combination of outdated information and a bit of undue fear. I want to at least begin to separate the two. Continue reading

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Rez Infinite And Re-Buying Classics On Console vs PC


Rez Infinite is up for pre-order on PlayStation Network now, and for a little while the limited physical version has been up for pre-order over at Iam8bit. I’m finding myself hesitant to do so, and it’s not just because I don’t like pre-ordering games weeks or months out (there’s almost no reason to anymore).

I’ve seen lots of people accuse publishers of using remasters of games from previous console generations to pad out their release calendars for PS4 and Xbox One. Normally I’m all for these re-releases since not everyone got to play these games around their original releases or owns a bunch of older consoles. It’s like movies being re-released on Blu-Ray. Maybe I’m hesitant with Rez specifically because I’ve bought it twice before. Continue reading

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Until Dawn, Adventure Games, and Console vs PC Graphics


Another game I checked out to catch up on the PlayStation 4 is what will probably be my only run through Until Dawn. Word-of-mouth gave me the notion it was basically “what if a David Cage game had better writing?” Its grasp of the kind of story it tries to tell in an interactive way does it a great service and makes it something unique even among adventure games, though it could still learn a few things from adventure games. Until Dawn is also possibly one of the best showcases of what consoles are still capable of, but not in the way you might think. Continue reading

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Why Iterative Consoles Make Sense Now


Now reports have come in that Sony is at least playing with the idea of iterative game consoles. A lot of people seem to be afraid of the changes this might bring. I’ve already done a whole post on why I think this is ultimately where game consoles should go, but it was framed around what Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was saying which included a lot of things about Windows.

When you’re talking about Sony doing this though, the PC element isn’t there so you’re only talking about iterative game consoles. I should note here that based on the nature of the Sony reports and speculation on them from other tech sites, it looks like nothing is set in stone as of now. What seems to be happening is that Sony is merely exploring and researching the idea of taking the existing PS4 and beefing it up. Nothing may ever actually come of it, but something also might. We probably won’t have anything concrete until E3.

That said, I still want to go further into what this could or should mean for game consoles going forward. I think iterating on game console hardware is a pretty fundamental shift that could put the industry more in line with what other tech has always been doing. It could get rid of the entire idea of “console generations” as we know them.  I think some people are scared because the uniqueness of game consoles seems to be under threat. Continue reading

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Redefining Why You Should Buy Consoles


Console fanboys. In 2016. Is that really what we’re dealing with right now with all the anger over Quantum Break coming to PC? Are some people still mad when others get to play the games they like? Continue reading

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Steam Controller Pitch: Part Two


Anyone who has been using the Steam Controller for a while probably already knows about what I’m about to type below. If you still don’t have one or aren’t yet sold on the idea, consider this post a mostly complete pitch for how it changes shooters compared to playing them on consoles.

Around Christmas I already did a post talking about how fundamentally the Steam Controller has changed my general PC use in the living room outside gaming. That alone might have made it worth the $50 for me. When I was forced to really dig into the configuration for Fallout 4 however, I believe it drastically and singlhandedly improved my experience with that game. Continue reading

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What Can Nintendo NX Really Offer For PC Players?


Rumors and other information on Nintendo’s next hardware cycle appear to be heating up, all pointing to the transition happening this year on in both the living room and in consumers’ pockets. A question that always arises is: what can Nintendo do to keep you specifically, interested in its hardware?

The answers are pretty straightforward if you’re the kind of person still heavily invested in consoles, whether they be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Nintendo has always needed to pretty much do what any console manufacturer needs to do: sell valuable, reliable hardware with support from lots of developers. These days that also includes offering a reliable and fully-featured operating system along with smooth online gaming. Maybe most people have already accepted the idea of Nintendo hardware only being worthwhile for Nintendo’s own games, but discussions about Nintendo plausibly regaining third party support and thus multiplatform games remain heated to this day. A Nintendo console becoming the primary platform for anyone who currently owns a PlayStation or Xbox is probably a pipe dream for the near future, but people still wonder about it. What caught me off guard recently is that this is the first time I’ve had to ask myself “what does Nintendo need to do for me?” since mainly switching over to PC gaming. Continue reading

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The Steam Controller Has Singlehandedly Changed My PC


When it comes to gaming, Christmas in my childhood was usually associated with getting new consoles. While nothing like that happened for me this year, I was finally able to buy a Steam Controller, and to be honest this this thing has completed a feeling similar to getting a new console, one I think I’ve been working towards for a while. Continue reading

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