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Where does Nintendo’s “Clubhouse Games” fit in a post-mobile (and COVID-19) world?

When I heard Nintendo was bringing back Clubhouse Games, first I was shocked they still remembered what I thought was an obscure minigame collection. After that I was shocked so many other people apparently enjoyed the 2006 original. 2006 was a long time ago though, and I wonder if this sequel can or even should occupy the same niche the original did.

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Fortnite on Google Play: Android Is Supposed To Be An Open Platform, Right?


I still haven’t started playing Fortnite and I don’t use any Android devices, so I don’t have a close look at the disagreement that seems to be going on between Epic Games and Google. What I am wondering though is what this says about how open or closed Google wants Android to be.

Epic finally put a version of Fortnite on the Google Play Store, after initially only offering it through their own service on Android, but Epic’s statement clearly indicates they don’t like it. The most straightforward reason is Epic doesn’t want to pay Google’s 30 percent cut on purchases through Fortnite, but if you look at statements over the last few years from Epic founder Tim Sweeney, it looks like he just doesn’t like closed platforms in general. Continue reading

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Mobile Tetris Changing of The Guard. How Do You Play it These Days?


News hit this week that Electronic Arts is letting go of mobile Tetris. Another company, N3TWORK, already has a new version up for iOS and Android, which got me thinking again about people’s definitive choices for Tetris versions might be these days. I asked this back in 2014 for the game’s 30th anniversary and I still don’t really know. Continue reading

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The PSP At 15. A Prescient Pre-iPhone Handheld.


The PSP turns 15 this week, Sony recently said it isn’t interested in making anymore handhelds right now, and I just realized I’ve never done a post on this site specifically about the PSP. We like to think of Sony’s handheld initiative as ultimately an unsuccessful one, but I don’t think you can say that about the PSP specifically. The 80 million of them Sony sold is nothing to scoff at, but what I keep thinking about in regards to the PSP is how forward-looking it was in the earlier part of its lifespan and how much of its potential Sony ultimately failed to take advantage of. The PSP took some of the first steps towards the game consoles we have today. Continue reading

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Will There Actually Be A Switch Pro?


Announcement: I reviewed Blazing Chrome for Indie Game Website. Check it out here: https://www.indiegamewebsite.com/2019/07/11/blazing-chrome-review/

Post: Nintendo this week announced the Switch Lite pretty much like everyone thought it would: smaller, cheaper, no Joy-Cons. What seems to be concerning a few people however is a deeper analysis of Nintendo’s supply chains that suggests the rumored “Switch Pro” doesn’t really exist, or at least isn’t coming any time soon. As far as Nintendo’s needs are concerned, I think that’s fine. Continue reading

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The Playdate: Another Celebration of the Age of Proprietary Gaming


The Playdate — a specialty handheld system which software and game publisher Panic just announced, looks pretty neat I guess. I’m not really sure how ambitious the company is with this thing, but looking at it also makes me think about all the other retro-style specialty hardware out there and wonder if I’m nostalgic for that old hardware at all.

In September I did a post about why I personally don’t want any of these little retro consoles and would rather just buy the games they contain on hardware I already own. When I look at the Playdate I just have the question, what about its exclusive games — from developers like Keita Takahashi (Katamari) and Bennett Foddy (Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy), makes it impossible for me to just play them on my PC or my Nintendo Switch? Continue reading

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The Real Difference Between Mobile And Console Gaming


When Apple unveiled its new iPads and MacBooks this past week it boasted the new iPad Pro can get graphics performance that rivals the Xbox One S. Whatever arguments may ensue about the differences between mobile gaming and console gaming, I don’t think hardware performance is the main factor keeping what some might consider “real gaming” from appearing on smartphones and tablets. Just being able to run Xbox games doesn’t mean you’re gonna start seeing the likes of Red Dead Redemption on the iPad. I think by far the biggest factor is the standard of pricing for mobile software. Even the touch-only interface isn’t that big a deal in comparison. Continue reading

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Will 2019 See A Nintendo Switch-Lite Or A Switch Pro?


Supply chain rumblings suggest Nintendo’s getting a hardware revision for the Switch ready for late next year. The suggestions for what kind of revision it might be are immediately apparent, but this is also interesting because 2019 is going to be an interesting time for Nintendo’s relationship with its competition. Continue reading

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The Nintendo Switch And The 3DS User Base


I think for about the last two or three years I’ve been writing posts about how resilient Nintendo’s 3ds has been. Now we’re midway through 2018 and the thing refuses to die. Nintendo is talking about keeping it going, even in the face of its portable/console hybrid — the Switch.

In an April financial briefing interim President Tatsumi Kimishima said Nintendo actually has plans for the 3DS in 2019 — the system’s seventh year. At the June shareholder meeting, new president Shuntaro Furukawa said the company hasn’t even let go of the possibility of a 3DS successor aside from the Switch. Continue reading

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Multiplatform Gaming Is Coming Down To Switch or PC



Lumines Remastered probably couldn’t have come out at a better time for me — going live less than 24 hours before I had to take a road trip. You might be thinking I bought the game on the Nintendo Switch, but right now basically all my purchases of multiplatform games are still going to PC. Still, every single new release starts a new internal struggle the likes of which I’ve never really experienced before. Continue reading

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