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Did Multiplatform Releases Hurt Handhelds?


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Whenever the conversation about traditional handheld game systems comes up these days you seem to either have a lifestyle that suits handhelds or you don’t. It’s driven a rift between people who miss the days of the Game Boy Advance or the original DS and those who could care less about them and would always rather play on a console or PC. The funny thing with me is, I’m probably in the latter camp right now but used to spend much more time with handheld games. Just what is it that makes (or made) traditional handhelds appealing anyway?

The easy answer is portability, and for a lot of people it’s probably the best answer. Some people might commute a lot (in vehicles they themselves don’t drive) or spend a lot of free time away from a console or PC. However, looking back makes me think games that were exclusive to handhelds were just as important as their defining portability. Continue reading

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The Game Gear’s Lessons After 25 Years


There sure are some anniversaries going down in October 2015, so it might look like I’m putting these kinds of posts out in rapid fire. Maybe it’s gonna be like this every fall since that’s usually the biggest season for game releases. Today’s post is about a platform though, and a Japanese release from the early 90’s at that. Continue reading

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You Done With PS3 and 360 Yet?


I feel like this fall is about the right time to really start looking back on the last generation of console games. One thing that involves I think is taking inventory of any games in your PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, or PSP libraries you still haven’t played or finished yet. It’s time to ask if you’re really done playing those machines.

Continue reading

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On the Small Screen

Ocarina of Time 3D has to have claimed the most time in a while I’ve spent on a handheld game in my own home. I don’t know how it goes with you but it’s starting to look like this is a hard thing for a lot of people.

Ever since the 3DS and Vita hit the market – the first dedicated handhelds released since the rise of iOS, I’ve heard of more and more people who just don’t care for dedicated handheld gaming anymore. On the other end there are also a lot of gamers who still spend considerable time with them. Maybe it’s starting to become a matter of taste or a matter of lifestyle.

The easy argument against dedicated handheld gaming is that a lot of people just don’t have situations in life in which it’s the preferable choice. People might drive to work, work, drive home, and spend their free time at home playing a console or PC game – why play a low-end game on a small screen when you have the TV and an Xbox? If these people ever do get free time away from home it’s usually only enough for a five-minute session with an iPhone game.

If you have a 30 or 45-plus-minute commute, that’s perfect for a dedicated handheld which explains Japan’s shift to those platforms. I still see that it’s not uncommon for some gamers to play them at home though, which I, and apparently others, still find kind of difficult in adult life.

My handheld backlog is ridiculous – a pile of unfinished RPGs that spans my GBA, DS, PSP, and iPhone. In fact, I think I’ve only ever finished three handheld RPGs: Pokémon Blue, and the first two Golden Sun games.

Looking back, I don’t understand how my 10-year-old self spent so many hours on his Game Boy in the same house where his N64 resided. Come to think of it, the bulk of my handheld backlog is actually RPGs. RPGs weren’t really common on the Game Boy until the GBA, and now the current console gaming climate has forced a lot of JRPG developers onto handhelds.

When you think about it it’s really no different than reading a book in your own home, which is more or less how I had to treat my 40 hours with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on the PSP. It remains to be seen though if you can really do that with an iPhone.

The problem with most iOS games is that they’re not designed to really be fun for more than a few minutes at a time. So, whenever I’m away from home and idle for a while without my 3DS and I take out my phone, I’m actually more likely to start reading a book than playing a game (I guess that’s good?). This is even true of the handful of RPGs I have on the thing like Undercroft and Final Fantasy Tactics.

I guess I’m just gonna have to chalk this up to different strokes for different folks.


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