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What Else Could Capcom Realistically Remaster And Remake?

Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake

Capcom just indicated it’s open to more remakes and remasters of its classic games, and now everybody’s all excited. Honestly I wonder if there’s a whole lot more Capcom could do in that area, thinking about the market and the conditions surrounding each of its franchises. Continue reading

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Which Is The Superior Resident Evil 4 Follow-Up?


I just finished up The Evil Within and might have a Steam user review up in the next few days. It got me thinking about all the third person shooters that have tried to directly take after Resident Evil 4. I’d like to do a full article on that idea someday, but for now I’ll settle for tossing out quick comparisons now that I’ve played all the games I think are candidates.

Evil Within feels like Shinji Mikami’s own attempt to follow-up his seminal 2005 creation that popularized action horror, possibly in response to games like the original Gears of War, Capcom’s own Resident Evil sequels, Shadows of the Damned (which Mikani had a hand in), and the first Dead Space. Those are what I consider to be the main RE4 followers. Continue reading

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I Don’t Think We’ll Get Classic Survival Horror From Capcom Again


With the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil coming up this year and Capcom partially celebrating it with the release of its remastered version of Resident Evil 0, it’s a natural time to start thinking about where the franchise that popularized horror in video games has gone and where it might go. The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 was one of the things I snagged during the last winter Steam sale and I just finished it up. It’s almost what I’d like a modern RE game to be, but some of its decisions have me convinced today’s Capcom just can’t get away from modern blockbuster video game trends.

I actually don’t remember a whole lot about the first Revelations game which I played through within a rental of the 3DS version, other than the final boss being really tough. The one main sense I and seemingly most people get from both games is that they are mergers of the puzzle-and-exploration focus of the older RE games and the action focus of the newer entries. They’re sort of a bone Capcom is throwing at longtime fans, but in my opinion if Capcom is going to do that, why keep the influences from the newer games? Why not just go all the way and make Revelations a brand new RE in the older style? Continue reading

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Graphics Mods And Me


Partially in preparation for Fallout 4, I’ve started a new Fallout 3 character and finally jumped into heavy modding of the game. “Heavy” might mean something different for me compared to what it may mean for a lot of people who mod Bethesda games. I actually tend to get very cautious with mods, particularly mods designed to change a game’s graphics and art assets. Continue reading

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My Top Resident Evil 4 Moment


You know how most horror movies have a part where one guy knows he’s cornered by the monster and just blindly attacks yelling before getting ripped apart?  I lived that moment once in Resident Evil 4. It wasn’t even a scripted event in the game. It was just an emergent thing that happened.

I’ve retold this story a few times online at places like 1up or BitMob but I was surprised when it didn’t show up on a search of my blog posts on this site. So, for RE4’s 10th anniversary, in case you hadn’t read it yet or couldn’t find it anymore, here’s my best personal experience with the game. Continue reading

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Video Game Anniversaries That Will Occur in 2015


It’s almost become a tradition at this point. Upon the new year I like to look back and see what major games will have significant birthdays (meaning multiples of five). For the most part this is based on data from Wikipedia which does a fairly good job of chronicling game releases by year and month. Most of the games on this list are fondly remembered individual classics. Though, there are a few major franchise and platform anniversaries I didn’t even realize were coming.

The biggest is undoubtedly the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and the American launch of the NES along with it. Nintendo doesn’t usually hold massive celebrations specifically for American anniversaries — they already celebrated the Famicom’s 30th anniversary in 2013, but it’s gotta at least do something for Mario. On top of that the Super Famicom turns 25 in Japan this year along with Super Mario World and F-Zero.

One thing that caught me off guard is how apparently great June of 2000 was. Several major PC games will be turning 15 this summer.

The biggest overall theme here is that 2015 is the 10th anniversary of 2005, which was a pretty great year for gaming. I hate “best year of gaming ever” conversations because I don’t think anything measures up to 1998. There have been excellent years since then though, and 2005 was one of them for me. Several of my favorite games of all time will be turning 10 this year, one of which hits that anniversary in a little over a week. In fact, basically none of my favorite games of all time came out after 2005, so this year I might be celebrating the last wave of truly great classics. Continue reading

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E3 2014: What Is Evil Within Shaping Up To Be?

One of the less talked-about games in all the shuffle of E3 is The Evil Within from Bethesda and Shinji Mikami. A bit of new footage and commentary from IGN has started to brighten my hopes for the game by revealing more about its structure.

There’s always been a feeling Evil Within is trying to recapture the feel of not only Mikami’s Resident Evil 4, but also games like the original Resident Evil. We just hadn’t seen much of any evidence of that. Pretty much every trailer I’ve seen for this game has been some kind of scripted event or maybe a chase sequence from a monster. I’ve seen little substance to back up Bethesda’s and Mikami’s claims.

IGN’s latest E3 demonstration is the most I’ve ever seen this game actually look like the aforementioned classics. We see them running through a mansion-like area that probably deliberately evokes RE1, specifically the Gamecube version. Plus the Bethesda spokesman confirms Evil Within is in fact not a linear game and that it will require some exploration. From there we can only speculate how all that will play out.

I don’t think we’re going to see exploration and puzzle-solving at the same slow pace as older survival horror games not only due to the combat focus, but also the differences between the hardware of today and the hardware of the mid 90’s. If you go back to those old games you realize part of their pacing came from the fact that every individual room was its own self-contained environment isolated by loading screens because that’s all the original PlayStation could handle. In today’s games, starting with RE4, players and enemies can freely run throughout an area the size of RE1’s mansion at a much quicker and more immediate pace. Resident Evil 5’s RE1 mansion replica proved that, and the whole environment felt smaller because of it.

Evil Within could end up feeling a lot like RE4 where individual sections are simply larger areas (Amnesia: The Dark Descent is another example). If that’s true, what’s gonna be the balance of combat versus exploration or puzzle-solving? All-in-all it’s looking like Evil Within could end up sitting somewhere in-between older survival horror games and newer action horror games.

Can it be argued some games have already attempted this balance? Leon’s campaign in Resident Evil 6 kind of tried this for a few minutes at certain parts, but didn’t really succeed. People like to say this of the first Dead Space game when looking back from Dead Space 3, which is a straight-up shooter. However I always thought even the original was an action horror game.

I think if you want a real survival horror game on today’s consoles you should probably wait for Frictional’s SOMA. It was never going to be a mainstream genre, but I’m just hoping Evil Within can strike just enough of a balance between satisfying fans of that genre and satisfying the demands of the retail games market.

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