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Could Price And Launch Lineup Blunt The Next-Gen Console Launches?

There are going to be more announcements from both Sony and Microsoft between now and when their new consoles launch this holiday, but based on recent announcements and speculations, I’m tempted to say they’ve essentially conceded to a soft-launch for next gen. I’ve suggested as much before, but the more we learn the more it looks that way.

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Sony Showed Us The 2021 Next-Gen Transition Is Real

The central message I got from Sony’s PlayStation 5 unveiling this week is that the system — and really the next console generation since most of the games they showed will also be on Xbox Series X and PC, will have a strong first year in 2021. If you’re a big fan of Sony’s first party stable, the PS5 already looks good right off the bat.

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A 60fps Mandate Will Never Happen


I’m a bit surprised at how much anger I’m seeing over Assassin’s Creed Valhalla possibly running at only 30 frames per second on the Xbox Series X. I only recently realized part of it was because Microsoft sort of promised a standard of 60fps for Series X games. Whatever you think that promise may have actually been, such a thing was never possible. Continue reading

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Inside Xbox May 2020: A Cross-Generation Opener


Microsoft this week gave us what was supposed to be the first real collection of footage from multiple games running on actual next-generation console hardware. For obvious reasons this isn’t like an E3 press conference media blowout. If anything it’s just another step in what has been a slow drip feed PR cycle for both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

The main point of the latest Inside Xbox livestream is that we got gameplay footage from third-party games like Madden 21Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2Dirt 5, and Bright Memory, but the scope of the presentation really just meant we got quick-cut trailers that showed off the graphics engines and what they might look like on Xbox Series X. We’re not gonna get “real gameplay” until we can somehow see lengthy uninterrupted reels of people playing these games through a normal gameplay camera perspective. Normally that would’ve been on an E3 showfloor but with COVID-19 that might end up coming from later events from Microsoft, Sony, or the individual publishers. I think Electronic Arts’ EA Play around what would’ve been E3 is the biggest one we know of right now. Continue reading

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COVID-19 Is A Turning Point For E3


Starting this past week the coronavirus is cancelling and delaying basically everything — sporting events, movies, but most significantly for the gaming industry is the 2020 Elecronic Entertainment Expo, for the first time in its 25-year history. And it’s happening at a time when more and more of the industry is questioning E3’s place in it, with or without a pandemic.

Some of the biggest video game companies have already been distancing themselves from E3. Sony had already pulled out for the second year in a row, Nintendo has been using Nintendo Directs as online-only press conferences for years now, EA basically holds its own events adjacent to E3 now. Some of the industry’s standard-bearers have already laid out blueprints for how to promote your wares during the summer without having to actually go to an expo that people say (I’ve never been there) is becoming increasingly crowded and decreasingly necessary with other events throughout the year like PAX better reflecting a changing industry. Continue reading

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The PS2 At 20: PS2 Games That Are Still On My Backlog


I can’t really say anything about the PlayStation 2’s Japanese 20th anniversary that I didn’t already say when I blogged about its 10th anniversary. You can go ahead and read that here. What I am gonna write about that I haven’t seen anyone else mention is the stack of PS2 games I still haven’t played or finished sitting next to my still-plugged-in PS2.

As I said in the post linked above, I didn’t get a PS2 until near the end of its life (and it was my first piece of PlayStation hardware), so I spent a lot of time catching up, and technically I’m still catching up now. Combined with my general willingness to play old games all the time, this has created a not-insignificant list of PS2 games I need to finish and even ones I still intend to buy. Just last year I bought and played through Ace Combat 4 for the first time. Continue reading

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Next-Gen Consoles: How Big Will Smart Delivery Be?


While neither Microsoft nor Sony has done a major unveiling party for their next-generation consoles — the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 respectively, Microsoft has already begun to throw down the proverbial gauntlet with its recent publishing of some technical specs and features of its new console. Its “Smart Delivery” system is pretty much a confirmation of something a lot of people have been speculating on really throughout the whole previous console generation. We now know this upcoming console generation transition will feel different from perhaps any other, but a lot of questions remain. Continue reading

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Why Cross-Generation Games Make Sense For Microsoft


The closer we get to the launch of the next generation of game consoles later this year, the more it looks like Microsoft is stepping outside the box of what console users traditionally expect. Its latest controversial announcement is that none of its first party games for Xbox Series X will be exclusive to that system for a year or two.

Personally, I don’t think Microsoft stands to lose a whole lot by making games like Halo Infinite or whatever else it has in store for 2020 and 2021 still support the original Xbox One (not to mention PC). It makes sense when you consider what kind of company Microsoft is compared to Sony or Nintendo, as well as what really happens when new console generations start. And when you think about it, how important are next-gen launch exclusives today really? Continue reading

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The PSP At 15. A Prescient Pre-iPhone Handheld.


The PSP turns 15 this week, Sony recently said it isn’t interested in making anymore handhelds right now, and I just realized I’ve never done a post on this site specifically about the PSP. We like to think of Sony’s handheld initiative as ultimately an unsuccessful one, but I don’t think you can say that about the PSP specifically. The 80 million of them Sony sold is nothing to scoff at, but what I keep thinking about in regards to the PSP is how forward-looking it was in the earlier part of its lifespan and how much of its potential Sony ultimately failed to take advantage of. The PSP took some of the first steps towards the game consoles we have today. Continue reading

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Death Stranding’s Subtle-But-Significant Achievements


My overall takeaway from Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is that it’s a very good open-world game based around a unique gameplay concept. It generally maintains and builds on the parts of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain I liked so much. In particular though I wanna talk about a couple things that set Death Stranding apart from most other open-world games, and I think they apply to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild too. Continue reading

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