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Star Wars Battlefront Still Feels Like Battlefield to Me


Before trying out Star Wars Battlefront in pretty much the same fashion in which I tried out Rainbow Six Siege, I assumed that mixing the framework of today’s military shooter with Star Wars would be the perfect combination. Now I’m not so sure. It might be for other people which would explain the game selling 12 million copies last time I checked, but I don’t think Star Wars is enough to get me back into that kind of multiplayer shooter. Continue reading

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Star Wars And The Nostalgia-Based Films



Coming out of The Force Awakens I decided to put down not a review, but a post laying out whether or not the movie is anything more than a nostalgia bomb. I laid out my fears previously, and honestly, a few hours after the fact, I’m still not sure it did enough to escape that fate.

A lot of people might say a pure fan service nostalgia bomb is what the audience needs, but I for one walked into a new Star Wars movie to see the universe taken to new places. To be frank, Force Awakens mostly felt like a setup for what could be interesting new places in the next two movies. If you’ve already read some of the reviews, a lot of them seem to criticize it for being a bit too much like A New Hope. Continue reading

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Hopes And Fears For The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force AwakensPh: Film Frame©Lucasfilm 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Film Frame©Lucasfilm 2015

Since literally everybody is talking about The Force Awakens in the run up to its launch I guess I should put down something about it. I never really wanted to because I don’t consider myself a good judge of films — I don’t watch enough of them, but watching Star Wars A New Hope again reminded me of some things. Specifically, it reminded me of what was appealing about Star Wars in the first place and what I hope Force Awakens doesn’t forget. All the hype and trailers have me optimistic I’ll get an enjoyable movie, but still cautious wondering what we’ll get beyond that.

Basically, I have two main fears concerning Force Awakens: 1) That it will spend too much time reminiscing about the original trilogy. 2) That it will end up feeling like just another blockbuster movie simply calling itself Star Wars, even if it ends up being an okay one or a pretty good one. Continue reading

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2015 Couch Multiplayer Suggestions For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving usually means family gatherings, and when I was a kid that usually meant whole afternoons of video games with cousins or close friends. It was only recently that I looked back and noticed the association of that day with local multiplayer gaming, which has sort of been on the wane for big releases for a while now. That’s why every Thanksgiving now I like to look up what the latest good local multiplayer games are. Last year I think I held up the console version of Diablo III as the main option for those who don’t own a Nintendo console. Continue reading

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Third Party N64 Games That Didn’t suck Vol. 3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron



Vol. 1: Beetle Adventure Racing
Vol. 2: Winback Covert Operations

Foreword (2015)

Originally this wasn’t part three of the series, but GOG took me by surprise with its recent re-release of the PC version of this game. What’s strange is a lot of people on the PC side weren’t aware of the N64 version, and vice versa. I don’t even know what differences, if any, exist between the two.

Anyway, this is a re-edit of my look back at the game both for fans and people not familiar with it at all who are wondering if it’s worth the $6 on GOG. Continue reading

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How Will Disney Affect Lucasarts?

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Where does Lucasarts fit into the whole Disney acquisition?

All we’ve heard so far is that the process won’t affect Star Wars 1313, but a whole lot of other gaming possibilities now present themselves. For starters, I just hope it means Lucasarts will actually start, y’know, producing some games for a change.

A while ago I asked myself what the problem was with Star Wars games during this console generation.  They were okay back in the classic arcade and 16-bit days, and actually great during the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 eras. The problem today? They haven’t made nearly as many on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Literally the only current gen games Lucasarts has published are the Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones games, Kinect Star Wars, and the Force Unleashed games. Oh, and Fracture if anyone remembers that. Yeah yeah Old Republic but how is that doing?

Compare that to the days when we were getting Rogue Squadron, Republic Commando, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight, Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront, and so-on. Star Wars used to be a reliable brand for great games of many genres on just about every platform. That’s not even counting the old days when Lucasarts used to make the likes of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. What happened?

Over the years I skimmed through stories about how many people constantly left the company, complained about cancelled projects, etc. From my end it felt as if they just don’t want to be successful anymore. I just hope Disney management might actually want to do something with the company or at least its properties.

They never stopped Marvel properties from appearing in good games from various publishers. The absence of Kingdom Hearts is totally on Square Enix. On that subject, now that we’ve got Marvel and Star Wars under one roof the crossover ideas have already flooded in. Capcom is on a crossover streak as of late. Are they listening?

I’m just saying, something needs to change on the gaming side of the Lucas properties, and maybe Disney can facilitate that change since they haven’t been too bad with gaming.


  • Crysis 3 alpha is up for PC users. I don’t really care about Crysis 3 multiplayer, I just wanna benchmark the game and see if my old Q6600 processor is still up to the task.
  • This week Catherine is on sale on PlayStation Network for $20.
  • With Grand Theft Auto Vs release date, I now have a time limit for finishing GTAIV.
  • Nice interview with the guy behind Punch Quest: http://t.co/nlbmnS43
  • Looks like I’m gonna spend this month dodging Assassins Creed 3 spoilers until the PC version comes out on the 20th.
  • Super Punch Out is 150 coins on Club Nintendo.
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