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The Only 5 Good Reasons To Choose Console Gaming Over PC


A few interesting announcements have come about in PC gaming this week. Namco announced two of its upcoming games which previously bolstered the PS4’s library of exclusives in my view — Ni No Kuni II and Ace Combat 7, are now headed to PC. A smaller announcement of interest is that MSI at CES announced an upgraded version of its Trident PC-in-a-console-box. I think this is as good a time as any to try to sort through the reasons a lot of people still pick console gaming over PC gaming despite how much the differences between the two sides of gaming have shifted in recent years.

I’m not really writing this to say console gamers are wrong or that PC is objectively better. What I want to lay out is that there are legitimate reasons to choose a console as your primary platform over PC, and then there are outright myths made of a combination of outdated information and a bit of undue fear. I want to at least begin to separate the two. Continue reading

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Steam Machines: What Actually Defines Success or Failure?


The recent numbers Valve released for sales of the Steam Controller seem to include those that came with Steam Machines, which means from that one can infer total Steam Machine sales to be somewhere under half a million in seven months. It’s pretty easy to call that an abject failure of the Steam Machine initiative, but I have a question to ask about that:

A failure compared to what?

One of the biggest issues with Steam Machines has been public perception of the idea. I think a lot of people have shown a huge misunderstanding of what Valve’s intentions even were with Steam Machines. Maybe part of that is on Valve since its messaging with them was never crystal clear or very loud. In any case, I always thought comparing Steam Machines to consoles in terms of numbers and even audience to be a grave mistake. Continue reading

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Living Room PC Interfaces (Continued)


A few months after extolling the virtues of the Steam Controller more than once, I find myself seriously considering Corsair’s Lapdog lapboard for using a keyboard and mouse on a couch. It looks like I’m still on a quest to find the optimal living room PC human interface. Continue reading

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Windows 10 On HTPCs: A Missed Opportunity


A little while ago I finally pulled the trigger to install Windows 10 on the PC hooked up to my TV. While I think the OS is overall an improvement over Windows 7 (I never used 8 or 8.1), I’m pretty disappointed with how much Microsoft has neglected the potential of using it on a TV setup. I don’t know whether or not I should be surprised given the company’s current direction though. Continue reading

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Steam Controller Pitch: Part Two


Anyone who has been using the Steam Controller for a while probably already knows about what I’m about to type below. If you still don’t have one or aren’t yet sold on the idea, consider this post a mostly complete pitch for how it changes shooters compared to playing them on consoles.

Around Christmas I already did a post talking about how fundamentally the Steam Controller has changed my general PC use in the living room outside gaming. That alone might have made it worth the $50 for me. When I was forced to really dig into the configuration for Fallout 4 however, I believe it drastically and singlhandedly improved my experience with that game. Continue reading

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The Steam Controller Has Singlehandedly Changed My PC


When it comes to gaming, Christmas in my childhood was usually associated with getting new consoles. While nothing like that happened for me this year, I was finally able to buy a Steam Controller, and to be honest this this thing has completed a feeling similar to getting a new console, one I think I’ve been working towards for a while. Continue reading

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