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My Investigation Of Langrisser


I’ve been writing just a little bit about 3DS tactical RPGs on this blog, and a few weeks ago I thought Langrisser Re:Incarnation looked like another fairly interesting one, so I put it on my GameFly que and it just came in. I played a few hours and basically nobody seems to have talked about it in the month since its release. I knew nothing about the game or the franchise before putting it in my 3DS. Continue reading

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The Final Gaps In Japanese PC Support


With the announcement of a PC port of the original Disgaea, Nippon Ichi Software joins the growing list of Japanese publishers and developers willing to port their games to PC (mostly through Steam). It also further shrinks the list of Japanese companies that have yet to do so. Continue reading

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Modern Tactical RPG Musings Part Two: The Possibilities For Japanese Strategy Games On PC


Last time I gave a quick impression of Lord of Magna for the 3DS while briefly talking about other Japanese tactical RPGs and how they’ve been handled in the western market as of late. These observations along with some interesting solid information I’ve come across has made me start to wonder about the future possibilities for Japanese strategy games in western markets.

I’m starting to wonder if more western PC releases for Japanese strategy games like Valkyria Chronicles and soon Nobunaga’s Ambition might bring those games to more accepting markets. Would the traditional CRPG audience lap up a game like Tactics Ogre? Continue reading

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Do We Already Have Enough Non-Violent Variety In Video Games?


Every once in a while an article or video will pop up asking why such an apparently high percentage of video games are about violence, or why violence is so pervasive in the medium. A couple years ago I think people were complaining that the major games shown off at E3 contained nothing but guns and cars. I’ve probably even gone on about it a couple times here. The more I think about the problem though the more I think it’s only limited to certain segments of video games. Continue reading

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Indie Game Radar: Deadnaut And The Games That Make PC Gaming


Deadnaut might be the most interesting, fully-formed, and slick game I’ve seen come out in recent memory that absolutely no one has talked about. Usually when I stumble upon one of these unknown indie games it’s because someone at Kotaku or Rock Paper Shotgun posted a blurb about it, or I caught the developer’s post on some obscure forum. Deadnaut just showed up in the midst of Steam’s new release calendar without a peep from really any publications, save for a developer blog on Kotaku Australia. It looks like far too good a game with too much work put into it to get buried and forgotten… if I can just wrap my head around its gameplay. Continue reading

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