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Wii U In 2016: Catching Up To A Console On Its Deathbed


After Nintendo’s most recent financial announcements basically confirmed 2016 to be a lame duck final year for the lame duck of a console the Wii U has become, I went over how the 3DS is Nintendo’s only chance to salvage the year. I’m also however mulling over my decision to buy a Wii U back around February (?) and how I’m going to spend probably my only significant year with the console. Continue reading

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The 3DS’s Surprisingly Strong 2016 Lineup


Emotions among Nintendo fans are running high coming off the announcements from the company’s financial meeting this week. One thing in particular caught me off-guard though: how much Nintendo seems to be propping up the 3DS with software this year. Last year I think I predicted something like 2015 would be the last significant year of the 3DS. Good God was I wrong. Continue reading

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Star Fox Zero: Evolution vs Iteration

I only just realized Star Fox Zero comes out this week. I plan to play it at some point this year, just not now. At least not until I’m finished with Dark Souls III. A little over a year ago I talked about how I saw it as just a “good enough” return to Star Fox and that’s pretty much what I’m thinking now on the eve of its release. I haven’t read reviews or anything, that’s just my general feeling, especially after seeing the launch trailer. Continue reading

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Back To Console Gaming

Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U just became the first physical console game I bought in… a year maybe? I don’t even know honestly. Playing it and starting a new Demon’s Souls character over the weekend, I thought my return to consoles for a while would be this big contrast against what I’ve been doing on PC for so long but now I’m not so sure. The convergence of PC and console functionality has been prevalent for years now and I guess I can finally say it’s a real thing in my experience. Continue reading

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The Value Proposition Of 2D Platformers


After finishing New Super Mario Bros. U I started to question where the 2D Mario games were headed. Now after finishing Kirby And The Rainbow Curse I’m starting to think about the future of 2D platformers in general and where they stand in today’s retail console market. Continue reading

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The Adequacy Of Star Fox Zero


The only thing out of this week’s Nintendo Direct that really caught my eye personally was Star Fox Zero. The rest of the stuff looked great, but I’m probably only thinking about buying that one (and Rhythm Heaven). I think it’s time I kind of wrote down something in defense of it.

Honestly, I never really saw the problem with Star Fox Zero ever since its first unveiling. When people talked about the graphics or the weird motion controls I just shrugged and said “looks fun to me.” I can understand if maybe some of the people who went hands-on with the motion controls didn’t like them, so I guess I’ll just have to see about that. What I’m not really critical of though is the other gameplay which looks very typical of Star Fox, and I’m fine with that right now, which is a bit surprising to me given how I’ve felt about the series in the past. Continue reading

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Late To The Party: New Super Mario Bros. U


After just completing the main portion of New Super Mario Bros. U, I think I can finally say I’m caught up on all the mainline Mario platformers. If you haven’t been following my posts, it’s not like I’d never played Mario before, I always had as a kid, but I never made serious attempts at completing any of the 2D games until the last few years or so. I’ve been anticipating the point where I can finally sit back and tally them all up.

I think I like Super Mario Bros. 3 the most. Continue reading

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LTTP (Attempt): Mario Tennis (And Where Are The Tennis Video Games?)

This should probably go down as more of an attempt at a Late To The Party investigation than an actual one. One of the Nintendo franchises I’d ignored over the years was Mario Tennis, and I decided to take a few hours to try one out. Too bad it ended up being probably the worst game in the series if the general consensus I’ve seen is correct. Continue reading

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What Can Nintendo NX Really Offer For PC Players?


Rumors and other information on Nintendo’s next hardware cycle appear to be heating up, all pointing to the transition happening this year on in both the living room and in consumers’ pockets. A question that always arises is: what can Nintendo do to keep you specifically, interested in its hardware?

The answers are pretty straightforward if you’re the kind of person still heavily invested in consoles, whether they be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Nintendo has always needed to pretty much do what any console manufacturer needs to do: sell valuable, reliable hardware with support from lots of developers. These days that also includes offering a reliable and fully-featured operating system along with smooth online gaming. Maybe most people have already accepted the idea of Nintendo hardware only being worthwhile for Nintendo’s own games, but discussions about Nintendo plausibly regaining third party support and thus multiplatform games remain heated to this day. A Nintendo console becoming the primary platform for anyone who currently owns a PlayStation or Xbox is probably a pipe dream for the near future, but people still wonder about it. What caught me off guard recently is that this is the first time I’ve had to ask myself “what does Nintendo need to do for me?” since mainly switching over to PC gaming. Continue reading

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The Understated Value Of Virtual Console


Almost every time I hear Virtual Console being talked about these days it’s with heavy criticism. While pretty much all that criticism is warranted, I think I still want to take a minute to just talk about how valuable the service has been. It really is one of the main reasons I even power on my Nintendo hardware these days.

I made a pretty big post almost two years ago about what VC does right and what it does wrong, and not much seems to have changed since then. It remains a point of much squandered potential for Nintendo, but what we have now has still managed to give me a lot of gaming value in multiple ways. Continue reading

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