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WordPress Desktop App And The Supposed Death Of The Web


The last few updates on this blog have actually been done using the WordPress desktop app. I guess it’s just been another step in the computing world’s conversion from web to app, but personally I’ve felt different forces pulling in both directions. Continue reading

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This Blog, Freelance Games Writing, Money, And Why I Do it

A couple posts from other blogs I recently caught have encouraged me to talk publicly a little bit about why I update this page and maybe some of the inner workings of what goes on here and at some other gaming websites.

Mostly this has to do with where money is and isn’t going as well as how these blogs relate to the job market surrounding games writing. If you’re trying to break in this post might be slightly useful. Continue reading

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Mobile Microsoft Office And The Need For PCs


I finally got around to trying out the newly updated iOS version of Microsoft Word where editing documents no longer requires a subscription, and whoa. It might bring me a baby step closer to being able to do real work on a tablet or phone, but I’m still don’t think I’ll ever be rid of a PC for that purpose. Continue reading

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