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Taking Stock Of My Reliance On Algorithms (Or Lack Thereof)


The recent controversies surrounding social networks and what they do to people’s perceptions of reality has gotten me to take a bit of a deeper look at the ones I use and, particularly, the extent to which I rely on algorithms in each one. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve let algorithms run my life that much at all. The battle over how to curate social media really comes down to one question though: do you trust users or the network to avoid getting users caught up in bubbles? Continue reading

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Facebook and My Social Media Drugs


The #DeleteFacebook trend seems like it might be some kind of turning point in people’s dissatisfaction with social media. After controversies like Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s influence in Myanmar, It’s almost like many people are finally making a statement that social media has had a net negative affect on their lives. Getting rid of Facebook isn’t an option for me personally, but it’s also the one social network to which I’m the least attached.

Facebook to me right now is really just a tool for a couple very specific purposes: I check in on a particular Facebook group daily (so I have to stay logged in), and I have friends for whom Facebook is my only contact. I don’t really scroll the news feed or keep my timeline updated. I don’t even think I ever cracked 100 friends. That being said, this whole controversy did get me to look back at the permissions of my Facebook apps. Continue reading

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Chatter Part Two: Text vs Video Content

In another installment of “things I like or don’t like compared to what everybody else seems to like,” I think it’s time I talked about the pivot to video everybody seems to be making. I think a lot of websites, organizations, and other groups or individuals are rushing to video and abandoning text too quickly, or without really thinking about it. I’ll admit there’s some bias here: text is my whole skill set. I also however still prefer reading to text when consuming media, and there is both sound reasoning and data behind that preference. It’s not even that simple though, there are a few video-oriented publications I like, but only a few.

Everywhere I look people seem to be saying video is the future. All the major publications, including gaming-oriented ones, want more people who are skilled with video (they still want more writers too). I think VICE just let a lot of people go in a presumed pivot to video. Video-as-the-future is obviously a trend, but I think some of the trend is just hype. Continue reading

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RIP GameTrailers


The sudden closure of GameTrailers seems to be a surprise to everyone, but as soon as I read the announcement on Twitter I saw it as another sign of the trend of the early 2000’s era of video game coverage falling away. Continue reading

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If You’re Looking for TV About Gaming…

When it comes to media surrounding video games, one of my great disappointments is that there isn’t a lot of great video programming centered on it. It seems that most big gaming websites have video reviews and sometimes video interviews or news, but very little that really examines games in a unique or smart way.

We’ve had some good stuff back in the past, but for the most part today the best gaming video I’ve seen is on YouTube, produced either very cheaply or likely for free. Most if it is, really, just a bunch of dudes sitting around playing and commenting on a game, sort of like a podcast in video form.

The first and from my point of view most well-known of these has been GameGrumps. It’s literally just two guys playing a selected game for maybe 15 minutes per episode with a bunch of commentary – one of them the guy who used to make the “Awesome” series of flash videos on Newgrounds.

I guess you could call that a “Let’s Play” but it doesn’t feel like one at all. Mostly they just talk about random crap but actual insightful commentary does seep through, and you can see some real production skill in there from the intros and animated shorts sometimes made from the commentary. These guys are able to produce probably at least a few hours of content a week which has made for a steady stream of something to watch during my morning exercises.

The YouTube show most similar to GameGrumps (which they themselves actually recommended) is called Continue. It’s a similar deal – they mostly play old games with commentary. The commentary though is much more satirical and the games often a lot more obscure. I personally have to give them props just for observing some of my favorite unknown games like WCW vs NWO Revenge and Metal Warriors.

A favorite that I keep hearing about is Retro Game Master – an actual Japanese TV series, most of the episodes to which find their way to YouTube. I haven’t found the time to watch an actual episode yet but it is also apparently a show about a guy playing old games with commentary, just in Japanese. I know at least one season is available on DVD in North America.

When it comes to video coverage of current games, my problem is that I just miss the 1up Show. There was something about the way the 1up Show previewed games and interviewed that was very effective at getting me interested in games. I think they were the main reason I ever wanted an Xbox 360. Part of that was the show’s raw style which made both the game coverage and commentary feel very down to earth, something that more “professional” looking shows like GameTrailers TV just don’t replicate. I’ve heard that GiantBomb has sort of taken up the mantle of personality-driven video programming, but I haven’t seen enough to believe this yet. Really though, I’d like the former 1up guys at Area5 to find somewhere they can continue their work.


  • I made a couple of new custom box arts for Dishonored and Resident Evil 6: http://t.co/Irsx95nh
  • This is where the Minecraft people work: http://shar.es/5vdwR 
  • Now streaming on Netflix: Haywire, The Grey, Indie Game: The Movie
  • Fighting games on sale on Xbox Live soon: http://flpbd.it/pKvKb
  • When you think about it, it kind of boggles the mind that EA never released a Gold, Game of the Year, or Ultimate Edition of Mass Effect 2, seeing as that game has about $40 worth of DLC attached to it.
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