Kingdom Come Deliverance: The First Next-Gen Immersive Sim?

If you’ve kept up with PC-focused gaming websites you probably know about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m posting here about it now because I only just now caught all its recent gameplay footage which has quickly placed the game among my most anticipated for next year.

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Incoming: What Call of Duty Could Learn From Arcade Games


Call of Duty could really stand to learn something from games like Rage Software’s 1998 Incoming. Playing it again made me realize how long it’s been since I played an arcade shooter, and how they accomplish a lot of what blockbuster shooters attempt. Continue reading

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Fall 2014 Battle Plan: Indie Really Has Beaten AAA


The reveal of the release date for the enhanced Grand Theft Auto V  finally made me take a hard look at what I may or may not buy this fall, and I think I’m finally coming to grips with my slow turn away from AAA games. Most importantly, I’m hoping this turn is temporary until developers start moving entirely over to more modern hardware. Continue reading

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The iPhone 6 Is Just a Linear Upgrade, And I’m Fine With That

It has pretty much become trendy these days to make fun of Apple as the company that keeps promising innovation but hasn’t actually delivered it in a while. Personally, I don’t think that’s a terrible thing, and what we’re seeing with Apple’s recent announcements might just be the natural pattern of the tech world. Continue reading

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Why Dreamcast?


This post was published on in late August of 2005, but was edited in September of 2009 for the Dreamcast’s 10th anniversary. I ran through it again for the 15th anniversary (September 2014) since I just realized I never really went at length about the Dreamcast on MultiPlatform. This will be the first post here for which I insert a “read more” link because it’s by far the longest thing I’ve ever posted here.


The time around the Dreamcast’s North American launch was probably the first time I started to feel truly involved in console gaming and started to grow up in its world. This is not really a story of the lifecycle of that gaming system, but rather the story of my own personal experience with it, and how pivotal the Dreamcast was in my gaming life.

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Remembering Previous Examinations of Games Journalism

#GamerGate feels like it’s the main thing shaking the foundations of video games coverage right now. Honestly though, it feels pretty similar to controversies and discussions I’ve seen going on in this field going back almost a decade. Continue reading

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Are Fighting Game Singleplayer Modes Evolving?


One thing I’m starting to observe change in fighting games with the genre’s renaissance since 2008 is the way they handle singleplayer content. It’s always been a secondary thing for fighters but I’m glad to see more exploring what they can do with it. Continue reading

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So Japan Finally Decided To Arrive To The PS4

Honestly, what I saw from Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2014 conference has already exceeded my expectations in terms of PlayStation 4 support from Japanese developers. I’m still not sure if what we’ve seen so far will lead directly to big PS4 sales in that country (or those games being successful elsewhere), but it’s a decent start. Continue reading

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AAA Game Download Sizes Are Getting Out Of Hand

Two years ago I did a blog post worrying about the expanding file sizes of games as we move into an increasingly digital age. Looks like I was right. AAA games have gotten absolutely massive with the generational transition, and it’s outpacing some people’s internet connections. On the one hand this is inevitable, but on the other hand I feel there are a few things developers could do differently. Continue reading

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Tropes vs Women in Video Games: From a Technology Angle

Things have gotten crazy in the gaming sphere over the last couple weeks man. Polygon has the best recap I think. Aside from that, I’ve seen thousands upon thousands of words written on recent subjects like feminism and the gaming community from a lot of smart people. I think right now I’m going to mainly focus on Anita Sarkeesian’s most recent Tropes vs Women in Video Games episodes — “Women as Background Decoration.” Not only is it a good critique of a lot of video games, it also brings up interesting questions about game design and technology that the video doesn’t really cover. Continue reading

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